MILCOLT: SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania INC

A growing band of military impressionist enthusiasts and collectors of militaria, books, uniforms , medals and documents interested in Tasmanian military history from 1803 to the current day. Re-enactments range from the Royal Marines, British regiments on garrison duty in Tasmania, local volunteer artillery, through to permanent colonial forces and Australian forces.

A Southern Tasmanian Volunteer Artillery group operates a six pounder ML cannon . MILCOLT also leases the Queen Victoria Gunpowder Magazine (1851 )

Members provide annual guided tours od Bluff Battery, cannon firing, gun shows, and conduct the annual Hobart Arms and Militaria Fair.. Our members are active supporters of historic and heritage events.

Regular meetings are held and include presentations, show and tell sessions, advice and fellowship.




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Full members are provided with our Quaterly publication Cannon Fire Journal with its historic articles and reports of group activity.

The Southern Branch meets at the Croquet Rooms, Glenorchy RSL on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 7.30pm

The NW Branch  meet at Burnie RSL on the first Wednesday of each month.

Burnie RSL, provide our meeting room and their facilities to us at no cost, so in return, we support them by getting together at 6:00pm-ish to have a meal and drinks together (optional) before our formal meeting starts at 7:00pm-ish.

We have 28 members in our group with meeting numbers varying between 9 to 20 members and visitors. We have Mystery Items that are passed around the group for identification.

Both Branches meet for the below purposes.

  • The main interests of the group are the collection and history of firearms and military equipment for all periods and countries
  • During the meeting we discuss any issues or events that are affecting our Militaria Collecting.

At both branches

  • Members have the opportunity to raise any information or issues and to present and discuss any items of interest that they wish to share with the rest of the group.
  • If you have something that you want assistance in identifying or researching further, there is a wealth of knowledge in our group who would be happy to help you.

The meetings normally end at 9:00pm-ish depending on how involved you get with members in discussions after the meeting proper ends.

MILCOLT is also a shooting club with some members using other club ranges and firing vintage weapons in military class events. Members also reload rare cartridges and load and fire black powder weapons.

MILCOLT is associated with    Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia and membership of SSAA is a pre-condition to Milcolt membership.