Militaria Collectors of Tasmania

This page will be updated monthly and contains a calendar of events where the club is participating in events, and club meetings it will also contain dates of events of significance militarily

North West Club Meetings 1st Wednesday of each Month @ Burnie RSL, formal meeting followed by members show and tell

Southern Club Meetings 2nd Wednesday of each Month @ Glenorchy Croquet Hall (next to old RSL), formal meeting followed by members show and tell

Upcoming events

Arms and Militaria Fair, Main Grandstand Hall, Showgrounds Glenorchy Tasmania 17-18 April 9am-5pm

Dates of significance

1 Jan 1902 Victorians repulse Boers at Onverwacht, 1956 First exchange of fire by Australian soldiers in Malaya, 1863 Emancipation Declaration by President Lincoln, 1 Jan 1959 First shot fired by Australian soldier in Malaya

2 Jan 1943 Buna captured

3 Jan 1941 6th Div attacks Bardia

4 Jan 1942 Japanese air attacks at Rabaul where Tasmanian’s manning coastal artillery

5 Jan 1945 HMAS Australia damaged by Kamikaze attack

8 Jan 1958 Last of Royal Australian Regt. return from Korea

9 Jan 1916 Evacuation of Cape Helles

14 Jan 1942 8th Div. contact Japanese at Gemas

17 Jan 1917 4 Sqdn AFC sails

18 Jan 1871 Second German Reich proclaimed at Versailles

20 Jan 1942 6 RAAF Wirraway’s attack over 100 Japanese aircraft over Rabaul

22 Jan 1879 Zulus annihilate the 24th Foot and supporting arms at Isandlwana, 3 VC’s awarded , 1941 Australians capture Tobruk

26 Jan 1945 Borneo death march begins

28 Jan 1881 Boers defeat the British at Laings Nek, 1915 HMAS Australia reaches Plymouth 59,514 miles in 18 months

30 Jan 1942 Japanese land on Ambon and attack 2/21st Bn AIF

1 Feb 1943 First Australians depart Middle East to defend Australia

4 Feb 1917 Harry Murray wins VC at Guedecourt, France

8 Feb 1942 Japanese invade Singapore

13 Feb 1946 34th Brigade (BCOF) sail from Morotai for Japan

15 Feb 1942 Singapore surrenders,1898 Spanish- American war begins, lasts 112 days

18 Feb 1941 Aust. 8th Div. arrives in Singapore

19 Feb 1942 Darwin bombed

20 Feb 1887 Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria and Italy

27 Feb 1942 HMAS Hobart damaged by air attack in Java Sea, 1881 Boers defeat the British at Majuba Hill

28 Feb 1942 HMAS Perth sunk in Sunda Strait

1 Apr 1921 AIF ceased to exist

5 Apr 1951 Australians cross the 38th parallel in Korea

10 Apr 1941 Australians engage Germans in Greece

18 Apr 1942 GHQ SWPA established in Melbourne

20 Apr 1915 1st Half Flight AFC sail for Bagdad, 1941 Austs. Withdraw to Thermopylae Line, Greece

25 Apr 1900 Naval Contingent returns from China

30 Apr 1900 Tasmanians and NSWelshman at battle of Houtnek

3 May 1915 HMAS Sydney battles Zeppelin L43 in North Sea

9 May 1901 Tasmanians drive Scheepers Commando out of Craddock District

18 May 1885 NSWelsman depart Suakin for Sydney

26 May 1945 Second Borneo Death March begins

31 May 1915 Monash succeeds Birdwood as GOC Aust. Corps,

31 May 1942 Japanese submarine raid in Sydney Harbour

6 Jun 1944 D Day, RAN and RAAF in action

8 Jun 1901 Tasmanians in fight with Malan’s Commando at Rietfontein

14 Jun 1917 First Australian AFV fired in action

16 Jun 1942 HMAS Nestor sunk in Mediterranean

18 Jun 1815 Battle of Waterloo

30 Jun 1915 Turk attack at the Nek defeated

1 Aug 1901 Tasmanians Chase Boers into a British Column

2 Aug 1950 RAAF 77 SQN had flown 800 sorties to date in Korean War

5 Aug 1945 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

6 Aug 1915 Attack at Lone Pine

7 Aug 1915 Australians attack at Quinn’s, Steele’s and Pope’s posts

8 Aug 1918 Australians Involved in attack on the Somme, the Black day for the German Army

13 Aug 1901 Tasmanian’s capture Commandant Erasmus

21 Aug 1915 Australians Attack Hill 60

25 Aug 1942 Japanese land at Milne bay

28 Aug 1945 Australian destroyers enter Tokyo Bay

29 Aug Australians break Bolshevik line with bayonets, SGT Pearse awarded VC at Etsma

1 Sep 1950 George crosses gazetted for privates B Hardy and R Jones for Action at the POW breakout at Cowra

3 Sep 1863 First Australian troops arrive in New Zealand

9 Sep 1914 Naval Force captures Wireless Station in New Britain

14 Sep 1914 Australian submarine AE1 lost of New Guinea

16 Sep 1943 7th and 9th Divisions enter Lae

23 Sep 1950 Australian main force arrives in Korea

26 Sep 1917 SGT JJ Dwyer awarded VC at Zonnerbeke

4 Oct 1917 Sergeant Mc Gee awarded VC for action at Ypres

5 Oct 1951 Hill 317 Captured in Korea

8 Oct 1915 Gen. Birdwood advised to evacuate Gallipoli

16 Oct 1945 2 Royal Australian Regiment formed

18 Oct 1945 HMAS Geelong sunk as a result of a collision

23 Oct 1942 Break through at El Alemein

30 Oct 1918 Turkey surrenders

1 Nov 1914 AIF Convoy leaves Albany

2 Dec 1914 First Australian Military aircraft dispatched to war in German N.G

3 Dec. 1854 Battle at Eureka Stockade

7 Dec 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbour, RAAF move to Timor.

10 Dec 1941 HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse sunk

12 Dec 1917 HMAS Australia collides with HMS Repulse, 1941 Decision to evacuate civilians from Darwin

20 Dec 1915 Evacuation of ANZAC and Sulva

25 Dec 1959 Australian Battalion in action in Malaya